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Austin-Jordan Engines has been serving the Grand Rapids, MI area with over 25 years of combined engine rebuilding and engine remanufacturing services.

Our business model is to remanufacture your engine for the best quality and pricing. In most cases, we will have your engine returned to you within a week. We remanufacture auto, light truck and
industrial engines.

At Austin-Jordan Engines, we don’t just rebuild engines; we remanufacture engines to the highest quality standards. We either replace all wear parts or precision machine them to OEM specifications. Our experienced staff does the job right the first time using quality parts!

Advantages of Remanufacturing Your Engine:

  • Avoid costly upfront core charges
  • Ensure 100% engine compatibility
  • Decreased cost structure

Our Remanufactured Engines Services Include:

  • Remanufacturing engines
  • Remanufacturing long blocks
  • Remanufacturing short blocks

Classic car owners can keep your original engine

Our Remanufactured Long Block Procedures / Parts Include:

  • Complete engine assembly
  • Remanufacturing of cylinder heads
  • New / remanufactured rocker arm assembly
  • New / reconditioned camshafts
  • Oil pump
  • Rocker arm shafts, balls or nuts (when necessary)
  • New / reconditioned push rods
  • Gaskets – full set
  • Hydraulic lifter – new, solid lifters (reground or new complete engines)

Our Remanufactured Short Block Procedures / Parts Include:

  • Lower half of engine assembly
  • Complete engine disassembly
  • Thermal / chemical cleaning
  • Shot peening / sand blasting of relevant parts
  • Engine block crack inspection – Magnaflux
  • Crankshaft reconditioning – grinding and micropolishing
  • Camshaft reconditioning – grinding and micropolishing (non-overhead cam engines)
  • Camshaft replacement if required
  • Boring / power honing of cylinders – new cylinder sleeves when applicable
  • Connecting rods – resizing big end, bushing replaced / resized
  • Block resurfacing as required
  • Precision assembly
  • Main and connecting rod bearings
  • Pistons and wrist pins
  • Piston rings
  • Cam bearings
  • Timing components
  • Freeze plugs
  • Camshaft – when reconditioned is available

Our Remanufactured Truck Engines Include:

  • New heavy duty high volume or high pressure oil pump
  • Heavy duty timing components
  • RV or torque cams offered at an additional charge

Equipment We Use Includes:

  • Sunnen Aling Hone - for perfect main journals
  • Sunnen CGS-20 Seat & Grind Machine – 3 angle cutting at its best
  • Vannosman 815 Crank Grinder
  • Sunnen CV-616 Powerhone – for a perfect finish

Contact Austin-Jordan Engines today at 616-247-9960 for all of your Grand Rapids, MI Machining Process needs.

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